Equity research services

We offer a wide range of equity research outsourcing services, from support tasks to writing complete equity research reports with valuation.

Complete Equity Research Report with Valuation

Our typical equity research report spans 20-30 pages and contains detailed analysis of a stock, including:

  • Investment highlights (bull case);
  • Investment risks (bear case);
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Forecast of financial statements;
  • Valuation, both absolute (DCF analysis) and relative (based on PE, PS, EV/EBITDA and other multiples), as appropriate. Other valuation methods may be employed;
  • Company profile (analysis of business model, products, assets, management etc.);
  • Financial statement analysis;
  • Industry analysis.

Reports can be prepared either on customer’s own template (i.e. fully outsourced) or on our proprietary template. The structure of the report will be adjusted to customer’s needs and may exclude some sections or include others.

Also, reports can be prepared as a one-time only service, or can be updated regularly. Updates can include quarterly updates only, or quarterly updates plus research notes reflecting material events.

This outsourcing product fits best Equity research firms and Equity research departments within larger companies. Customers will want to purchase this product when their own equity research staff are overloaded with current tasks and the company needs to fill in capacity shortage.

Some of our outsourcing customers have chosen to maintain a permanent relationship with us to save operating costs, while others use our outsourcing services only occasionally, when their capacity is too small to face the load. We welcome both types of relationship as we are certain that the quality of our equity research will make customers use our services over and over again.

Check out the Samples page for several examples of equity research reports prepared by us (free PDF downloads).

Partial Equity Research Report

This service, in essence, offers the customer one or several of the sections of a full equity research report, e.g. just the valuation model or the industry research section. This product is suited best for individual investment analysts who need to meet a tight deadline. This outsourcing product also will be valuable to equity research departments in times of transition, when the research team is only partially formed and lacks expertise in certain areas.

We also accept the tasks of updating equity research reports and valuation models created by other analysts.

Valuation of Privately-Owned Businesses

Besides outsourcing equity research reports which focus on stocks, we also offer private valuation services. The format of the report can be tailored to the customer’s needs, and usually is similar to equity research reports described above.

Free samples

Below are several samples of our equity research and valuation work (virtually all of our work is our customers’ property, so we can’t show them all to you).

Please note, equity research report samples are just that – samples, while our typical equity research reports have more content, spanning 20-30 pages, have more detail and include DCF models, company overview, SWOT tables etc.

Click a thumbnail to see a brief description and download the sample.