Equity Research


High-quality Equity Research and Valuation Outsourcing Services

Chartered Financial Analysts

Our Head of Research is a CFA charterholder, and other analysts are candidates in the CFA program.


We believe that lasting partnerships must rely on honesty and openness between partners.

Low Price

We operate in Moldova – the lowest cost European country, thus we offer competitive pricing on our outsourcing services.


We have worked on numerous stocks from a wide number of sectors: Basic materials, Capital goods, Consumer goods, Energy (Oil & Gas, alternative energy), Healthcare, Services, Technology (including hi-tech, biotech, IT), Transportation and others.

Public & Private Equity

We have analyzed and valued both publicly traded and privately held companies, including startups. The public stocks typically have market capitalisation between $50 million and $5 billion trading on NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB, AMEX, TSX, LSE, Euronext.


Our equity research analysts are fluent in several languages: English, Russian and Romanian, while French inputs can also be analysed.


Free samples of our research and valuation work

Below are several samples of our equity research and valuation work (virtually all of our work is our customers’ property, so we can’t show them all to you).

Please note, equity research report samples are just that – samples, while our typical equity research reports have more content, spanning 20-30 pages, have more detail and include DCF models, company overview, SWOT tables etc.

Our Clients

Our client base is very diversified. The main client groups are represented by:
  • Independent equity research companies looking to outsource their equity research projects without hiring expensive staff on a permanent basis;
  • Consulting companies that need to complement their offering with valuation and equity research without hiring additional staff;
  • Investment banks looking for equity research outsourcing during periods of high workload and staff shortage;
  • Individual equity research analysts looking for help with high workload.
We offer a comprehensive set of financial outsourcing products to suit every client’s needs. Moreover, our pricing is very flexible as we consider each client’s circumstances on an individual basis.


A wide range of equity research outsourcing services, from support tasks to writing complete equity research reports with valuation

We offer a wide range of equity research outsourcing products to suit the needs of our customers. Note that we do not demand credit for products created by us (only payment), and you will retain full rights to any work we do for you (as long as it has been fully paid). You will own the copyright and we will not distribute the work to anyone else. We will maintain full confidentiality (we recognize that outsourcing may be a sensitive issues to some customers).

Moreover, our pricing is very flexible as we consider each client’s circumstances on an individual basis.

We offer the following financial outsourcing and valuation services:

Equity Research and Valuation

We offer a wide range of equity research outsourcing services, from support tasks to writing complete equity research reports with valuation.
Our typical equity research report spans 20-30 pages and contains detailed analysis of a stock, including:

  • Investment highlights (bull case);
  • Investment risks (bear case);
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Forecast of financial statements;
  • Valuation;
  • Company profile;
  • Financial statement analysis;
  • Industry analysis.


Industry/market research

Market/industry research is an integral part of equity research and valuation and we regularly research various markets for our equity research reports. We recognise that some customers may need just a detailed market overview, without any extra baggage attached (they may not even be researching any stocks). For them, we can perform an in-depth research of particular markets.
Note that we perform secondary web-based research, using publicly available information from various sources. We always include the sources we use, so you can always verify where the information comes from.

Excel & Data Entry

We use Microsoft Excel extensively in our work to analyse companies, value them, build tables and charts for reports and presentations and for internal needs. With this expertise, we can offer you a wide range of services involving the use of the powerful spreadsheet package that Excel represents.

We regularly sift through SEC filings, press releases and other documents in search for important information. Importantly, our financial background and experience allow us to execute such tasks thoughtfully, understanding what we’re doing and not simply executing work mechanically like robots. We also usually know where to look for particular data. We are also efficient at importing data into Excel from PDF files.

Our Team

Vitalie Eremia, CFA

Vitalie Eremia, CFA

Head of Research

Vitalie is our founder, Head of Research and senior analyst. Vitalie has a strong background in financial modelling and industry research. He began his career in finance while studying in university, devoting most of his time to a demanding job in a leading microfinance institution, where in a short time he progressed from project assistant to accountant. His excellent command of English language comes from two years of studies in the UK. Vitalie is a regular member of the CFA Institute.

Oxana Sutreac


    Oxana Sutreac joined AskAnalyst in early 2010. Prior to AskAnalyst, Oxana was an auditor with a Big Four audit company. Oxana is a self-motivated, result-oriented and open-minded person. Since 2006, Oxana regularly participates in local intellectual game competitions. She is a Level 2 Candidate in the CFA Program.