High-quality Equity Research and Valuation Outsourcing Services

Welcome to AskAnalyst.com – Your best solution for equity research and valuation outsourcing.

AskAnalyst provides analytical support to investment companies, equity research firms and individual professionals. By outsourcing equity research and valuation we help our clients efficiently manage their workload, focus on their front office activities and take on more business.

With us, You will never have to turn down business just because all Your employees are overloaded.

Why use our financial outsourcing services?

Our equity research and valuation outsourcing services can help You leverage Your business by doing more equity research through us at a fraction of the cost of hiring an American or West-European analyst.

Here is why we can help You better than other equity research outsourcing providers:

  • We operate in Moldova – the lowest cost European country, thus we offer competitive pricing on our outsourcing services
  • Our Head of Research and main analyst is a CFA charterholder;
  • Most of our financial outsourcing work is repeat business, which means our clients appreciate our quality and pricing;
  • We have extensive experience in equity research and valuation, having worked on numerous companies from North America, Europe and Asia;
  • Our equity research analysts are fluent in several languages: English, Russian and Romanian, while French inputs can also be analysed.

Who are our equity research outsourcing clients?

Our client base is very diversified. The main client groups are represented by:

  • Independent equity research companies looking to outsource their equity research projects without hiring expensive staff on a permanent basis;
  • Consulting companies that need to complement their offering with valuation and equity research without hiring additional staff;
  • Investment banks looking for equity research outsourcing during periods of high workload and staff shortage;
  • Individual equity research analysts looking for help with high workload.

We offer a comprehensive set of financial outsourcing products to suit every client’s needs. Moreover, our pricing is very flexible as we consider each client’s circumstances on an individual basis.